SCC to discuss Capita future

Football didn’t come home, but will our outsourced services?

Conference report: new delegates

This June we sent three brand new Learning Reps to National Delegate Conference. Find out more about their experience here.

Social Work: UNISON says NO to the NAAS

The National Assessment and Accreditation System piles extra pressure on our already accredited social workers. Sign our petition today.

Video: Hayley Garner on UNISON’s care charters

Branch Secretary Hayley Garner explains the importance of UNISON’s care charters being signed by SCC.

Video: Cllr Warwick Payne on UNISON’s care charters

Cllr Warwick Payne explains the importance of SCC signing UNISON’s Ethical and Residential Care Charters

INVESTIGATION: Hotdesking and Display Screen Equipment at SCC

At the end of 2017, the branch began to receive concerning reports from members about the use of display screen equipment (DSE), and the effect hotdesking is having in SCC departments. Within the Children and Families department, some staff were provided with Lenovo ThinkPad tablets. This was after a successful trial period in which members […]

Drop In Sessions

Members can drop in to quiz our trained caseworkers fortnightly.

Voting in the Service Group Executive elections

The deadline for ballots to be received or cast in the upcoming Service Group Executive elections is 5th May. Find out more here.

Residential Care work – The Statistics

We asked 1,003 residential care workers about their experiences of working in the sector. The results make for uncomfortable reading.

What Does the Signing of the Care Charters Mean for Care Workers?

With the welcome news that Labour Councillors will be signing UNISON’s Ethical and Residential care charters, we look at what this will mean for care workers across the district.