UNISON will not support public services being replaced by private providers

UNISON and Unite release joint statement on Southampton City Council’s budget proposals

How I became a trade unionist: Julie Harris

No one is born a trade unionist, but some people’s routes be ing organised and active in their branch are a little different to others.

A stronger union benefits us all

This September, UNISON may be even more visible in your workplace as part of a push to grow the union across the South East. On the eve of this recruitment initiative, we spoke with representatives and staff from 4 local branches about what they had planned – and, in their personal opinion, the difference that a strong union makes.

UNISON National Women’s Conference – My Experience

UNISON Member and Labour Councillor for Shirley, Satvir Kaur, attending the 2018 UNISON National Women’s Conference in Liverpool. Here she talks about her experience, and why it’s set a fire in her belly.

A Friend in Need – UNISON’s welfare support

One of our low-waged women members gives a touching personal account of how UNISON Welfare supported them in their time of need.

Star Steward July 2018: Anita Rudge and Denise Godwin

Find out about the changes Anita and Denise have won.

SCC to discuss Capita future

Football didn’t come home, but will our outsourced services?

Conference report: new delegates

This June we sent three brand new Learning Reps to National Delegate Conference. Find out more about their experience here.

Social Work: UNISON says NO to the NAAS

The National Assessment and Accreditation System piles extra pressure on our already accredited social workers. Sign our petition today.