Member Life Long Learning

Learning doesn’t need to stop when we leave formal education, and if you would like to continue learning then we can help you.

Continuous learning is essential in getting that job, knowing your rights and empowering yourself. Many of us will not have had positive early education experiences, and returning to learning can be daunting, but UNISON can help guide you through.

Learning can be fun, it allows us to meet new people, and it becomes incresingly valuable as the years go by.


If you haven’t taken part in learning or education for some time, why not follow the link below to take a skill check.

You can see what level you are currently performing at via this SkillCheck link. This tool supported by unionlearn contains the three main learning types (English, Maths, ICT). You can then complete the assessment and speak to a UNISON learning representative to access more member learning.

For information on online learning and training during the Covid-19 pandemic, see this page.