UNISON is committed to helping workers fight for equality and fairness, in your workplaces and in society.

Besides the right not to be discriminated against or bullied, fair treatment also includes equal working conditions and pay. Your officers can support you with equality issues, helping to raise awareness among the wider Union and campaign for change. Contact them for resources and information.

Workers’ voices are heard when we speak as a group. Southampton District branch is forming Self-Organised Groups (SOGs) for:

  • Black members;
  • Disabled members;
  • LGBT+ members;
  • Women members.

And equality groups for:

  • Young members;
  • Retired members.

In these groups you will be able to meet fellow members, take part in activities with your group, and discuss your experiences, issues, and ideas to tackle disadvantage and combat discrimination.

Contact an equality officer today to get involved.

Meet the branch’s Equality Officers: