An Introduction for Women Members

Jo Reeve, Women’s Officer, introduces herself and calls members to join the Self Organised Group of Women members in the branch.

Hi, I’m Jo Reeve and I am the newly appointed Women’s Officer and Welfare Officer for the Southampton Unison Branch. It has been a challenging first few months for me due to the Covid 19 Outbreak and the subsequent cancellation of all training sessions I was due to attend to enable me to carry out the position. That aside, I have still been thinking about what I could do going forward in terms of offering my assistance where and when needed.  

I plan to send out an email to all Women members of the branch to ask whether any of you would be interested in a Monthly or Bi-Monthly Women’s Group. This group would seek to meet and discuss any issues specifically related to us either in the workplace or just in our general lives. We could discuss any future training sessions or workshops that we would like to see happen, we could also discuss any specific side groups that we might like to put together.  

I would also welcome in my capacity as Welfare Officer any comments or issues that any member of branch may have either now or in the future related to your general welfare. I am happy to discuss any issues you may have with regards to this very important matter.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time on my email with any issues, comments or concerns. 

Written by Jo Reeve, UNISON Southampton District branch Women’s Officer.