Hands off our Homes: Unions celebrate historic petition response

UNISON and Unite activists celebrated the submission of the Hands off our Homes petition with a powerful photograph highlighting the scale of the public response.

Activists from UNISON and Unite the Union posed for the striking image on the Civic Centre steps, with each balloon representing 50 signatures.

The petition closed on Wednesday 16th January, and has gone on record as having the most signatures ever received by Southampton City Council since its e-Petition service opened in 2011. It totalled 2,577 signatures, which is 354 more than the previous highest submission

The success is all thanks to a dedicated team of activists that includes friends and family of residents, members of both unions, and the general public. The unions are considering the campaign – now entering its fifth month – to be a phenomenal success.

The unions believe that the strength of public feeling against the proposed closures is so strong that that Cabinet will have no choice but to take the closure proposals off the table when they go to full Council for a final vote on 20th February.

UNISON Deputy Branch Secretary, Claire Ransom said:

The number of signatures on the petition shows that the wider community stands in solidarity with those who would experience the direct impact of the closures.

The petition has given the community an opportunity to put on record that they want the Council to re-consider and offer an alternative option, something UNISON and Unite repeatedly called for before the public consultation was formally opened.

We hope the voice of the community will not be ignored by the Council when it makes its decision on the future of Glen Lee and Holcroft House.

Hands off our Homes is a joint campaign between UNISON and Unite the union.

If you would like to get involved in the campaign or want more information, email UNISON Southampton District Branch on branchsecretary@unisonsouthampton.org.uk or Unite Southampton and West Hants Branch on mark.wood@unitetheunion.org

Alternatively, please call UNISON on 02380 832740 or Unite on 02380 834327.

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