Hands off our Homes: Consultation Response – Quick Guide

Note: This is the short version of the consultation response. If you would like to be more detailed and thorough in your response, we have prepared a longer document here.


This document, created by UNISON Southampton District and Unite Southampton and West Hampshire Branches working in partnership, is designed to help you complete the public consultation on the future of Holcroft House and Glen Lee residential care homes.

While using this guide we suggest having both the consultation form and this guide side-by-side, as this guide follows the same structure as the consultation form. You can access the consultation by clicking here or copying and pasting the following link into your web browser’s address bar: bit.ly/2Aq0Zmw.

UNISON and Unite’s position

UNISON Southampton District and Unite Southampton and West Hampshire Branches oppose the closure of Glen Lee and Holcroft House, be that both of them or one of them. We know that public services are best delivered by Council employees and not on a profit-making basis.

Other local authorities such as Reading Borough Council (which closed its remaining Council owned homes in 2013) found that the amount of money charged by privately-owned residential care homes increased. This meant that the Council did not make the savings it thought it would, and in fact spent more money.

Both unions also know that workers have better terms and conditions when they are working for the Council directly. Workers in the private sector get lower wages, less sick pay, worse pensions and temporary contracts with no guaranteed hours. Families have also told us that the amount of contact time and quality of care residents receive in the private sector is not as good, and families have had to either move relatives out of poor-quality care or take on the role of carer themselves.

Question 1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these commitments?

  • Suggested answer: C) Neither agree nor disagree

Question 2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the preferred option to close both Holcroft House and Glen Lee?

  • Suggested answer: E) Strongly disagree

Question 3. If the proposed changes were to be implemented, what impact do you feel this may have on you, your family or community?

  • Suggested answer:  G) A very negative impact

Question 4. If you feel there are any impacts or equality issues we may have overlooked in the formation of the draft policy, please provide further details:

Suggested answers:

  • The closure of Glen Lee and Holcroft House will disproportionately affect women and the elderly, as well as those with disabilities. The Equality Act 2010 lists Sex, Age, and Disability as protected characteristics.

Question 5. If you disagree with the proposals, or have any comments, suggestions or alternatives you feel we should consider, please provide further details:

Suggested answers:

  • The longer consultation guide (found here) contains a great deal of evidenced research that can be used to respond to this question. We would also encourage you to include any personal details, accounts or anecdotes that you may have in support of the homes remaining open.

Once you have completed the consultation, simply click Submit. The consultation closes on  16th January 2019, with a final decision made by full council on 20th February 2019.

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